Lisa Long“Natasha, I wanted you to know you helped me clear a big issue about 3 years ago. I put on an audio of you doing clearings on a radio show along with two other healers including Panache Desai on as low a setting as I could get on my computer and I went inside myself… for hours. I wanted some extra power to get there. I finally found the issue and cleared it. I was 5 months old when I adopted the belief so it was deep. My income went from less than a thousand a month at that time as it had been crashing.. to over $23,000 a month in two months. It has been awesome since. Thank you so much for the work you do! You really helped me.”~ L. Long

“I”ve worked with Natasha since 15 years. She was my spiritual guide for a while when I needed it the most. I can say that her healing abilities are extremely fast and very powerful. I am still thankful about a moment of agony and physical pain she was helping me over the phone guiding me through a meditation for a couple of minutes; at the end of the meditation and within one split of a second my pain level dropped from a 10 to a 2. At the same time I had a real healing experience for myself that is mine forever…that’s a real value. I highly recommend your spiritual healing skills….and the rest of Natasha as well (smile)” – S. Claridge


Thank you for the work last night .

I feel much better !
I am so grateful you are in my life !
Love you,

Before working with Natasha Zeligs I have been trying to find peace within myself. I always felt unrested and rushed. My whole life actually was a picture of running away from unwanted feelings which I wasn’t aware of since they originated in childhood. Being so young we often experience intensive feelings, but can’t put in perspective and then internalize the negative feelings. That can pull a person apart inside, even though their life seems to be just fine.

I tried so many different ways to really feel good about myself. After many years of intensive internal work I was at a point where I realized…something else needs to happen.

Everything I could do on my own I did. And still…I have old pattern they seem to have a grip on me instead of me being in control of myself.

I decided to build on the good results of my current supportive and stabile life to dig deeper. On some occasions I have worked with Natasha and experienced amazing results including immediate pain released from my body.

I completely trusted her abilities and her intension to really bring out the best within me, knowing that I can’t trust my own abilities yet.

Natasha has been able to quickly move me to the most unconscious blocks and was able to speak up truth by pointing out the stories and lies I’m telling myself and also showing me what is really going on. I had several immediate healing changes while working with her. Recently, in a session we could bring full completion and a shift took place on how I experience the world now. Most people have a story what healing really is, that’s now past for me.

Now I can rather witness the thoughts and stories that aren’t working for me anymore. The first time in my life I feel at home; safe, powerful, and able to create whatever I want. I’m also aware that life still happens offering more opportunities and challenges to get even stronger, freer within to know myself better and better. Natasha is Love and Light.

I highly recommend her abilities to transform blocks so that anyone working with her can receive the only real gift…discovering a person’s Individual power within.

She demonstrated to me the tricks that I have played to protect parts of myself that aren’t serving anymore…the magic tricks of self-told story has lifted.

And I give a sh..t if anyone else likes it or not…lol.

Natasha helped me to be and live more of me and less of others. Now I can see and enjoy what I have instead of chasing shiny objects.

I highly recommend to talk to her benefiting from her offer of 20minutes discovery consultation – no costs for you.

Thanks Natasha, Simone

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