What is Healing?

Healing occurs when all the blocks to the Truth are seen and released.

Psychic Energy Healing is a high form of energy reintegration that takes place throughout the entire Auric Field system of the client. The result is a return to balance and realization of your innate Divinity. Inner peace and Well Being are our natural state. The process is Clarity, Insight, Purity, Emergence, Transcendence and Love.

Light and Love are the healing tools and through the clearing work transformation is possible and permanent. Real healing is based in knowing the Truth. One’s experience is altered when perception changes from an orientation with illusion to recognition of the Truth.  The recognition of the Truth entails embracing our At-one-ment with Source, God, The Truth, Consciousness, the Cosmic Sage, All That Is All. Each session is unique and addresses the specific issues of the individual whether they be physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual.

Services include:

  • Auric Field Clearing

  • Past Life Regression and Resolution

    Natasha Zeligs

  • Land and Home Clearing

  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing

  • Education and Training

Natasha is a natural born intuitive and psychic healer. After many decades of spiritual study, supernatural and paranormal experiences, Natasha began practicing Psychic Spiritual Healing in 1989. She is intuitive, clair-sentient, clair-audient and can move energy. She can “see” energetic blocks and align the Chakras with her hands and remotely. She works in multiple dimensions both in person and remotely.  Her work is devoted to the Divine in all Its’ Presence.

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